Our Testimonial:

"Esther, you have been a true friend to my mother. You treated her so well that she felt that you were her mother and loved you!
Thank you for all the wonderful care that you and your family gave her. She felt that your care giving was so special that we had no worries!" J.S.

Amazing Tender Love Home Care Agency provides activities of daily living to its Clients. Activities of daily living are chores we do routinely to care for ourselves. Chores like bathing, dressing, cooking, eating, shopping, socialization and paying bills. Some are common to most people, like brushing the teeth and bathing, while others apply to only some people.

Being independent means being able to take care of all of your activities of daily living without assistance. In our culture, independence is very much prized, and loss of it is keenly felt. Since independence is valued in our culture, it greatly influences our feelings and self esteem. Therefore, helping our Clients become more independent or regain some of their independence in their activities of daily living will also help them feel better about themselves.

A Home Care Giving Agency located in the San Fernando Valley CA


We have caregivers for all your in-home care needs including complete Home care services up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another Testimonial:

​"My mother was able to live for this long span with the support of Esther. She was a loving, caring and supportive caregiver. She watched my mother's diet and supervised her pills and vitamins carefully. When my mother could no longer walk many steps, Esther was always there to assist her and lovingly encouraged her to walk." J.S.

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"We offer genuine tender love and care."


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Email: JBK@Amazingtlhomecare.com

Amazing Tender Love Home Care Agency,  licensed by the California Department of Social Services under License # 194700428, is a family owned and managed service oriented bonded Home Care that provides the best and most efficient service at an affordable and reasonable rate.

Our name tells it all! It tells you the most important thing you need to know about us, "We offer genuine tender love and care to ALL our Clients".

The heart and soul of our commitment is to provide the most capable loving, caring and professional caregivers anywhere. We provide the physical help and emotional connection that can add joy and longevity to a loved one's life. We take a proactive approach in our care management, routinely providing in-home checks so that our care managers can listen to your changing needs.

This creates a cohesive and consistent relationship between Amazing Tender Love Home Care Agency, our Caregivers and You.